Campaign Traits

To tie your character to the campaign your PC must have a relation to one of the NPCs. Each one will have a trait that you can select denoting your relationship with them in some way, denoting perhaps what they have taught you or something you have heavily in common. Some may well have more trait choices than others, but not everyone is as diverse as everyone else.

Arnold Steve:

Having lost his parents and only family shortly after starting his study, you were one of few that didn’t abandon him has he began to lose his mind. This forced him to focus rather heavily on enchantment spells keep the few remaining close to him. For one reason or another you allowed him to test spells on you till he mastered them, but in him getting stronger your will also grew. You gain a +1 on saves vs enchantment spells and spell-like abilities.

Due to his growing insanity you have had to talk him out of doing a fair number of really reckless and dangerous or dumb actions. It was never easy at first but over time you got the hang of it, learning just what words to say to convey your thoughts perfectly. Your silver tongue has since proved useful in many other situations, granting you a +1 trait bonus on diplomacy and bluff checks. One of these, (your choice,) is considered a class skill for you.

Faline Blaiz-les:

As an elven dancer she has had years to perfect her craft, leaping and twirling on her toes like a leaf that rides the wind across the world, never touching the ground. You have learned to move in a similar way whether from direct teaching or just watching her and attempting them in private, granting you a +1 trait bonus on reflex saves to avoid non-magical damage such as shrapnel or falling debris. (Excluding such effects as fireball.)

Being a Blade dancer you have seen her use her sword so elegantly, it moves just as she does, whimsically. She makes it seem so easy to wield like one does a streamer. You treat elven curved blades as a martial weapon and are considered to have weapon finesse with it.

Lemmzel Famsin:

As a gnome Lemmzel has a great love of nature with his ties to the First World. He has told many tales of that have been passed to him of creatures from the First World. Details have stuck in your head granting you a +1 trait bonus on knowledge (nature) checks and is always considered in class for you.

You like him share a heavy admiration for smaller animals, like all familiars. In all your days with him you have learned a fair number of nuances for dealing with such animals. You are considered to have the Wild Empathy class feature when dealing with animals of small size or smaller that have an INT score of 1 or 2. Your ranger level is equal to your class level.

Myival Blaiz-el:

Myival is a very skilled hunter and has hunted in these woods for years learning much of the terrain and flora in the area, as well as which animals make the best and filling food. You have gone with him one more than one hunting expedition. following his moves you learned to follow his lead. You gain a +1 trait bonus and stealth and survival checks and one of them, (your choice,) is always a class skill for you.

There were more than a few time when leaving town to spend the week in the woods that you were fed berries and other plants that were a little poisonous as a joke. while you hated and resented is at first you slowly began to realize that while still unpleasant the effects grew more bearable and shorter. You realized he was building your body’s immunities up, you gain a +2 trait bonus on saves against ingested poisons.

Rojark Tunderforge

Though you never really cared for the fact that he had sticky fingers, he showed you everything he ever took from anyone. Would tell you about it, bragging about its value and how easy it was to steal. This caused you to have a fine grasp of many things. Thus you gain a +1 trait bonus on appraise checks and its always considered a class skill for you.

Not every heist of his was pulled with stealth or were they escaped from by staying in the shadows. Many times he walked away in plain sight, right under their noses, even showing up at your place with his disguises on. Seeing his many tricks you have seen what makes them passable, giving you a +1 trait bonus on disguise checks and it is always a class skill for you.

Svel Blaiz-el

Having spent many years setting up camp, Svel has taken great pride in guarding his nomadic homes.

Campaign Traits

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