Kazrack is an city that sits on the southwestern edge of Lake Gonthrim. It grew quite rapidly after it was first founded as a small fishing community on the edges of on of the most plentiful lakes to fish in and surrounding the Primeval Forest. In just a mere twenty years it grew from a small hamlet to a small town before attracting the attention of wealthy aristocrats. Much to their surprise and luck the ones that came were very fair and kind to the people here; not forcing laws upon them or placing heavy taxes. Instead their lives were enriched by their new mayoral committee, taxes were just, and a trained guard was established to lift the duty from their make-shift militias. Life became simple for the families there. With this happiness came something relatively unheard of through the land, but they were extremely accepting of anyone moving there, setting up trading shops within Kazrack’s boarders, and even traveling priests, mercenaries, or even the occasional adventurer.

Life was simple for the common folk in Kazrack, even as it’s restless growth continued, expanding their boarders, covering square miles, while the populous climbed to the thousands. This is where things began spiraling out of control and Kazrack had its first terrible crisis. The ruling powers had been in their seats for about 30 years now, and members of the committee began passing away, and those that filled those empty seats surely did not lack in greedy bones. Taxes slowly began to increase, making it very hard for a number of families. Here and there a few small groups of people tried to rise up to bring back the city they used to know, though their actions were driving by righteousness, the reward they had received was jail time or death. And the more these fates were repeated over the next few years the lower and lower moral dropped. No one would do anything again for a many years, or well, at least not so directly.

One year there was a traveling priest of Citrig, his name was Francis VonGrutteon, a man with a simple face yet the most alluring smile. Many many implored him to stay, as they could use a shimmering light in this dull world that has become their own. To the relief of the citizens he was a man with a heart of gold, believing Citrig’s teachings were meant to help cities and it’s people prosper. So he stayed and it only took a couple months for him to see what terrified the people so. He used his title as a priest to gain access to the tyrannical committee as an adviser and take them apart from the inside. It was a long process and things did get worse before they got better, but he assured people it was only to gain their trust. Sure enough he was right as not only did the laws lift and loosen but the mayors began to leave office or “disappear.”

Once everyone was out of office he declared himself soul overseer of Kazrack in belief that its much harder for one man to become corrupt. This held true for nearly two decades as the city once again became a light on the edge of the forest and a land of acceptance of all races and cultures. Even racial districts disappeared and the whole city became a culture of its own. Buildings of elven and dwarven were one. Even gnomes found their homes alongside the followers of the Old Way and the New Way. Though a darkness was nearing the horizon. The throne the old committee leader sat on was an evil thing, crafted by and from devils. Its process was slow but steady, slowly tearing down mental walls unknowingly till it was able to invade his mind and completely control him. Now the city its under its control and devils now hold advisory positions that none of the people know about. The guard has gotten strict and brash in their accusations, dealing out “justice” as they see fit and punishing any who they catch observing these brutalities. Our story starts here.


Throne of Control Brodin